Fellow: "LehrehochN Dachprogramm" of the Toepfer Stiftung in 2019

I am very happy to announce that I have been selected as fellow for the LehrehochN Dachprogramm of the Toepfer Stiftung in 2019!

Informations will follow here soon...

Hegel 2020: Exhibition of students' works of an interdisciplinary seminar, held last semester on the new conception of the Hegel-Museum

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's upcoming 250th birthday in 2020 leads the city of Stuttgart to think about new ways of presenting one of their most famous citizens. Initiated by the cultural office and Stuttgart Change Labs, our institutes (art history, philosophy and architecture) initiated an interdisciplinary seminar which we held in fall/winter 2017/2018. Our students worked together and invented innovative strategies how to approach Hegel's philosophy in the 21st century. Currently exhibited at the Hegel-Museum, we are very proud that their works will be incorporated in the official competition for the new museum concept later this year.



11 June through 31 August, 2018

at the Foyer of the Hegel-Haus, Eberhardstr. 53, D - 70173 Stuttgart


Press reviews:

"Denkanstöße für ein neues Hegel-Haus", Tilman Baur, in Stuttgarter Zeitung, 13.6.2018.

"Der berühmte Sohn rückt ins Blickfeld", swp-online, 13.6.2018.


Announcement of the City of Stuttgart (Cultural Office).

Flyer Exhibition Hegel 2020 (German)
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Johann David Passavant Award 2016

Conferment of the Johann David Passavant Award for my dissertation "Die Geburt des bürgerlichen Kunstmuseums – Johann Friedrich Städel und sein Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt am Main" (see below), presentation in Frankfurt am Main on Nov 20, 2016

Press release of the Städel Museum, Nov 17, 2016 (German)
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2017 - The 200th anniversary of the Städelschule!

Find more information on the jubilee of the Städelschule here: http://www.staedelschule.de/about.html